A little update.

August 4, 2010

Things have been a little strange around here lately. Patterns and schedules have changed, and now that Matt has graduated, we can both be a little more spontaneous.

We went to the beach last Thursday...

Cape Meares - the Lighthouse.
Cape Meares Cape Meares.

It was fun. We were just there for the day, which means lots of driving, but the scenery was nice. And the best thing about road trips? Listening to music and singing like you don't have an audience.

We also stopped by my grandma's old beach house at Cape Meares...

The old house.

She doesn't own the place anymore, but it's nice to see that the current owners are finally taking care of things. We came by last year and everything was overgrown and ugly. They've painted it, and the fire pit is now fully functional.

I miss the place - so many good memories. And you can see the ocean from the deck because it's only a couple hundred yards away. I wonder if they've redecorated the interior.

In other news, I have been working like crazy on my writing. I've been trying to make a schedule for myself that I'll actually stick to. I tend to dive into things too hard until I burn myself out, so I need to make sure I balance work, play, and sleep. I've been waking up super early every morning, but the inspiration bug is obviously still asleep at 7am because things don't ever really start happening until 5pm or so. I have always been my most creative and productive at night, but I'm trying to flip that switch. Wish me luck? Hah.

The fluffy feline has been giving us hell. He stands with all fours in the litter box, but somehow manages to miss every. single. time. It's perplexing! This used to be a rare occurrence. Once a month, maybe? But now it's every day - sometimes twice. It's time for us to invest in a dome litter box.

Oh, and we've finally set the date for our wedding: September 3, 2011

It's so far away.


  1. Burg might have an ouch or his peeper might be sick-or he's turning into a one of our retard cats. Good luck

  2. No Simba does it too! He'll get into the box, but let his ass hang out and thus pee on the floor... so dumb. Bigger litter box maybe?

    As far as inspiration-something that helps me is to make lists/notes at night so that when I get up in the morning I have some direction on what I want to do...

  3. Yea, Matt bought a dome litter box. It's bigger, and it keeps him from sticking his butt out. Less mess for us! Worth the $20.

    I make to-do lists at night, but they generally seem so silly when I wake up in the morning. It's like I'm scoffing my inspiration bug away with my cranky attitude. Not a morning person, I guess.

    Still, I'd like to be. I love being awake early.

  4. We have a dome little box, but our cat's favorite thing to do is to kick all of the litter out of it and onto our floor. Awesome, cat.

    Congratulations on setting the date! I've always thought a September wedding would be lovely.

  5. Haha, cats are so dumb sometimes. My cat went through that phase when he was a kitten. I think he was trying to get attention, and it worked... until I discovered spray bottles. Hah.

    I think September will be perfect for us so long as it doesn't rain. :)