A little collection of mugs.

August 31, 2010

I gave away our perfectly matching set of Ikea mugs about a year ago after succumbing to my ever-growing thrifted mug obsession.


It was bad. I couldn't pass the mug aisle without hearing their pitiful little cries.

Having been someone who always resisted collections of any sort, this was a big step for me. It felt as if I was opening the Pandora's box of collecting things (there was definitely some validity to that fear), but I couldn't stop myself.

We now have a formidably sized collection of pretty little mis-matched mugs, and I am quite proud. They provide well for our hot beverage addictions, and they look good with my morning toast.

Another little mug

What do you collect - with or without shame? :)


  1. I'm the same way about collecting things--I hate the dust, I hate the clutter...but sometimes you just have to have it!

    I think I've channeled this into mostly useful things. I've started a respectable collection of vintage canning jars, for example, but they hold all my knitting goodies so they aren't just for pretty. Looks like you're going in the same direction!

  2. Definitely. I'm all about 'functional collectionality." :P

  3. Oh man, I'm a semi-reformed packratty collector but I'm still buying records and expensive art books everywhere I go.

    I can't help myself, they're so awesome!

  4. Records and art books are definitely functional. It's those little glass figurines and such that I don't understand... :)

    Oh, and rocks.

  5. I have many collections...the one that comes to mind first is my cookbooks, I love cookbooks of all kinds and will never have enough.

    Your mugs are very pretty. It's fun to choose a mug for your mood in the morning.

  6. Ooh, cookbooks. I also find them hard to resist, but I'm never sure which ones are actually worth the investment. I have four or five that I constantly turn to, but the rest never really leave their shelf.

  7. What pretty cups! I'm a collector of records, books and fabric. My 5 year old collects pine cones and rocks, I have to admit that sometimes I edit her collection when she's not looking. I mean I had to, at one point we had nearly 100 little pine cones rolling around, yikes.

  8. I collect books and fabric too, and when I was young I collected beach glass. I kept it in a tin Folger's coffee can on my window sill that 'disappeared' one day...

    Pine cones are neat to collect. You two could make them smelly for Christmas. :)