The 'summer to-do' list.

July 7, 2010

During the spring school months, I wrote myself a rather ambitious list of things I absolutely needed to do over the summer. It was comprised of only ten or so items, but those ten or so items were things that I had been putting off, over and over, in favor of schoolwork and procrastination - the procrastination (or structured procrastination, as I like to call it) was integral to my sanity for I had no room in my mind such for high-standards of productivity and promptness.

To deal with my tragic (and somewhat self-imposed) utter lack of time, I wrote down my 'ambitious' summer to-do list. And in my procrastination time, I doodled it out. I did this several times. I could explain why, but you might conclude that I am a loon with OCD tendencies, so I think I'd rather not.

The summer to-do list.

Now that we are well into the month of July, it would seem perfectly sensical to question the progress I have made thus far on the list. And up until this week, I would have merely changed the subject if asked. However, something happened on Monday that sealed the fate of my list forever: I stood up very suddenly from the couch with an air of triumph (I was home alone), and I accomplished number three...
#3. Organize the office.
While this particular 'to-do' is theoretically the least difficult of the ten, it took hours and hours of tedious work in the midnight hours to accomplish. I knew it would be a difficult task, which is why it took a whole month of avoidance and denial before I finally worked up the nerve to trudge upstairs and into the gates of the wasteland. But now that I have knocked number three out of the water (Is that even a real saying? How does one 'knock something out of water?'), I am trucking forth with momentum. My list is in the midst of being tackled. Hoorah!

However, before I make a move to check the next item (in no particular order, of course), I will nap. The forecast says it will be 95°F today (20° too hot for my tastes), and I want to be well rested for my date tonight with my man and our barbecue. I have baked my beloved homemade burger buns in preparation, but some have already fallen prey to my ferocious appetite.

More homemade burger buns.

As for 'the choice of epic proportions,' I indeed opted to bake both desserts, but events were so hurried (and dark) that I forgot to take pictures. This dilemma calls for an immediate re-creation of the scene, so I will be busy tonight (if I'm not napping) with oven duties once the outdoor temperatures have fallen to suitable baking levels.


  1. Number 2-totally the easiset thing on your list, I promise! Depending on the square, of course. But grann sqares are my FAVORITE to crochet, because they are so easy and fun! I went through a pretty bad granny square husaband thought he was married to an old lady. It didn't help that while I was crocheting (on the couch, in my slippers, yarn piled up around me and my yarn basket, sipping some hot tea) I was watching Days of our Lives. Yes. That happened.

    Good luck on the rest of your list-oh and number 8 (is that the thrifting one, that's the one I'm talking about) is also oober easy. Just go every morning as they are putting out the good stuff. My local goodwill brings the bins out at 10, and me and my buddy would be there, along with all the old people, drooling over the treasures put out.

    And your buns look delish. I feel dirty after saying that.

  2. I am hoping that you're right about #2 because I'm easily prone to yarn-frustration when things aren't going as planned. I will tackle that one on a mellow day I think. I like the idea of slippers, mounds of yarn, hot tea, and television. I realize that I might be in the wrong season for granny squares, but I try not to think about it too much. :)

    As for thrifting, I am prone to evening excursions. Going in the morning definitely makes more sense.

    Try the buns! They definitely are delish. :)

  3. Cant wait to see the spoils of your thrifting conquests!


  4. Sounds like a good time. I made buns too but, I have lost my camera very sadly. Have fun at the BBQ!

  5. Granny squares are honestly all I know how to crochet. I have a book on others, but have very little interest in learning anything else--once you're good at it, granny squares are pretty much the most perfect combination of mindless relaxation and satisfying productivity that I can imagine.

    Also, your burger buns look amazing!

  6. Mindless relaxation and satisfying productivity? I very much like the sound of that. :)