Particularly productive.

July 13, 2010

Good evening!

I have been working diligently on my summer to-do list, and I have been particularly productive in two areas.

First: "Start wedding planning."

We are finally starting to think wedding colors, which is good because most of the decorations we have will be thrifted or hand-crafted by us (and generous friends, I hope). It would be wise, therefore, for us to get an early start on gathering ideas for projects, and collecting items that would fit into our color scheme of choice.

Although my fiance and I typically favor earthy colors, we feel that it will be best for us to go against our grain since we want an outdoor wedding. Our usual blues, greens, and browns might be a little repetitive or contrived in a natural setting, so we are looking for colors that pop, but in a way that is not too eye-shattering for the both of us.

This is the first color combination that I have really liked so far...

Potential wedding colors.

Seafoam green, cream, and coral. I've never been a fan of any of these colors individually, but something happens to my eyes when they are seen in combination that makes me smile. I'll sit on the idea for awhile to be sure, but these could be the colors we choose. The only foreseeable competition would be a color scheme including mustard yellow.

Second: "Thrift as much as possible."

Thrifty finds.

The stars aligned and the thrifting gods smiled upon us as we visited our local second-hand stores this morning. The clerks were happy and conversational as they checked our finds, a highly unusual state of affairs indeed. And when I sneezed, as I am often prone to do while thrifting along, some kind soul who was trying on shirts in a dressing room said, "bless you!" On top of it all, the gentleman in front of us in the line who was carrying only one single item allowed us to go before him despite our armloads of haul.

How were such feats of politeness possible with an experience typically synonymous with crazy customers and crabby cashiers? I blame it on the weather - literally. After a week of 90°+F, everyone is just so happy to be alive and able to stand still without breaking a sweat that we cannot help but love everyone and everything that we encounter.

Anyway, I picked up some kitchen goodies, a lovely little jewelry box for my growing earring collection, and some old linens. I am hoping that my ever increasing stockpile of fabrics will force me to do the inevitable: "purchase a sewing machine and learn how to use it," which is, coincidentally, another 'to-do' on my list of summer.

Tomorrow will be 85°F, but I am hoping that I will not care too much about the heat. It is my man's last day of college, and there is much celebration to be had. As for now, it is nearly 9pm and I am contemplating bed.



  1. I love that little pile of linens. And you should get going with that sewing machine. It really is easy. (Although I've been lazy and haven't had mine out in months, so maybe I should address that last bit to myself!)

  2. It is the 'laziness' you speak of that is my problem. I am a procrastinator of the worst kind. That, and I have absolutely no idea what to look for in a sewing machine. Time to start researching, methinks. :)

  3. Congrats to your Sire!!!

    I really like your color combo. I am also partial to mustard yellow, hmmm...


  4. Hey I finally found your new blog! We should totally thrift together some time. I know a bunch of cool places in Portland :)

  5. I know! We need to set a thrifty date. :)

  6. your blog is gorgeous

  7. I'd be down for a thrifty date!

    We could make dinner, too :)

    (Hey, about the going to bed early bit - I've been going to sleep while there's still a bit of light in the sky - the sun makes me so tired, I guess. And all the bustling around that summer entails... plus, now that it's cool enough to sleep at night, the bed doesn't seem like such an enemy!)

  8. It's getting closer friend. I cant wait. you should come down here and do some thrift shopping with me in salem. I have been having a blast doing that lately.