Over the weekend.

July 19, 2010

Regarding that ol' summer to-do list of mine, great strides were taken this weekend toward #3. The office is now organized and fully functional. It isn't exactly pretty yet, but it isn't an eyesore anymore either. Does anyone else have a difficult time working in messy and disorganized spaces?

Anyway, I relocated my laptop and my supplies to the office this weekend, which has greatly increased my productivity. I have been working on cards to send out for the haiku challenge I began last week with five other women, four of whom I have never met. I'm finding it really fun, and it gives me an excuse to do a little 'papering.'

Makin' cards... Makin' cards...

And, more importantly, having a clean office means that I have finally begun #1 on my summer to-do list: Get a job. So this weekend has been full of resume writing, papering, office organization, and lots of research

Oh, and fava beans. They are in season now, y'know? :)


  1. post pics of new office haven?

    Whats this haiku challenge!?


  2. Will do! Once things are 'prettied up' a bit, of course. :)

    It was Rach who got me involved with the haiku challenge. We send out five haiku's per week (theoretically) via snail mail to the five other people on the list. I think I like it the most because I like getting stuff in the mail. And because I like making cards. :)

  3. Getting things in the mail is the absolute best. Good luck with the job hunt! It's a joy to freelance, even if it can be a bit unstable - the work is our there, be persistent and enjoy this time in your life!

    Oooh my word verification phrase is "foodis"!