Cold treats.

July 16, 2010

Frozen chocolate dipped banana bites.

With the heat in full force (and our lack of AC), I have been looking toward light, cool snacks for sustenance. That is why, after I saw this post in my reader, I knew that these little frozen banana bites would become a summer staple in our apartment. They are delicious and light, and the frozen banana has the richness of ice cream.

So good.

I will caution you about one thing: don't use toothpicks. If you're going to use an eating aid at all, go for popsicle sticks because they are much more durable.

Also, if you make these banana bites, don't let any of that extra chocolate go to waste! We still had some raspberries from the farmer's market in the refrigerator, so I just scraped their bottoms along the sides of the bowl to pick up every last chocolate-y drop before placing them on a plate (use wax paper) in the refrigerator.

Chocolate dipped raspberries.

Delicious. :)


  1. Mmm. Them bananas look num. I'm not a huge chocolate fan, myself, but I think with bananas and nuts, I could do it :) and my boys would love them, no doubt.

  2. OHmygoodness, those banana-bites look so good. Definitely going to try making some of those...if Seattle weather ever gets summery again. :(