First barbecue of the season.

June 26, 2010

Now that the rains seem to have ceased, we Portlanders are out-and-about, enjoying the perfect 75°F weather. I finally pulled up my sleeves yesterday to scrub the caked dirt off our patio chairs, and I did my best with the algae on the terracotta pepper containers (they very well may be beyond all hope). In any case, the patio is on its way towards its summer-ready status. No longer must I eat my breakfast in the grass, though... to be honest, I never really minded.

It was after our first barbecue of the season that I realized how badly our little apartment patio needed a  makeover. I sometimes feel a bit sour about the fact that we do not yet have a house of our own with a yard large enough for a full-on vegetable garden, chickens, and a decked-out patio area surrounded by lush greenery that has taken years to perfect and mature. And then I come to my senses and remember that some people don't even have a ground-level patio, complete with its own little patch of grass to sink their feet into. Some people don't have enough space to grow tomatoes or peppers. I remember that you have to make the best out of what you've got, and so I get over myself.

Despite the disarray, our first barbecue was quite the experience. We purchased a dinky charcoal grill earlier in the month, and we were finally able to put it to the test with some veggie and chicken tikka kabobs.

Vegetable Kabobs

Chicken Tikka Kabobs

I have to say, it (and my man) performed quite nicely. I may try grilled pizza next.

Feline footnote: Berger is still loving his thrifty basket and asking about the blanket that I promised him.


  1. Hi! It's always nice to find another portland blogger. I'm one of those unlucky few with the tiny tiny patio of a ninth-floor brownstone downtown, but at least I'm close to the farmers markets! I just linked to you, gotta support my fellow pdxers!

    Isn't it lovely to finally be basking in SUN!?

  2. Awesome looking kabobs!

    Patrick grilled burgers last night and corn. It was awesome. Then we had s'mores on the firepit.

    I wish the weather would last forever.

  3. So do I. No hotter, no cooler - this weather has been perfect. And grilled corn sounds sooo good right now. I haven't had a hot cob in way too long.

  4. These kabobs look amazing...esp the veggie ones.