After the rains.

June 18, 2010


The weeks and weeks of rain have finally ceased, and our poor container garden has somehow managed to survive. A discussion might have cropped up here and there about how maybe we should cover them with a tarp or perhaps we ought to shove them closer to the apartment for cover, but it was all talk and no action. Just the occasional visit outside to assess the damage, accompanied by mandatory looks of worry.

The Plants Survived the Rains

The Plants Survived the Rains

After all is said and done, I think they have managed well enough through the rains to grow and fruit all of the tomatoes and peppers our salsa-loving hearts could desire. Whew.


  1. Oh man you should see my poor tomatoes. It's a massacre. Hopefully all of our poor gardens will be stronger for the stress they were put through in the early months!